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Steven Kuhr is Chief Operating Officer at Critical Path Solutions, Incorporated. He joined the firm in the Fall of 2021. Mr. Kuhr is a senior career Emergency Manager with a diverse portfolio of leadership positions across multiple sectors.

Mr. Kuhr served with the New York City Office of Emergency Management as a founding executive team member and deputy director where he led emergency operations and multi-risk emergency planning. Prior to that he served with the New York City Fire Department as EMS Deputy Chief & Special Operations Commander.

Mr. Kuhr served as head of emergency management at Colorado Springs Utilities, a metro area energy, water utility, and dam operator serving a population of 500,000 with critical infrastructure across Colorado. While in this capacity he served as a director with the InfraGard-Denver and co-founded the Colorado Critical Infrastructure Alliance.

Mr. Kuhr is a trusted Crisis Management Leader. He has advised CEOs and “C-Suite” leaders during complex emergencies, major disasters, and terrorist attacks. He has had a strong consulting career having served as Managing Director and Practice Leader at Kroll Inc - Crisis and Emergency Management Group and President and COO at Strategic Emergency Group LLC advising organizations such as Hudson Yards, The World Bank, DC HSEMA, Amtrak, The Port Authority of NY & NJ, NJ Transit, CNN, The NY Yankees, Missouri State EMA, US DoD (JPM Guardian), NYS DHSES, NYS OPWDD, and more.

Mr. Kuhr holds an MS in Homeland Security Management and a BS in Emergency Management Administration. He was certified as a Paramedic in 1982.