Ready for a Crisis?

"The days of reacting to a crisis are over."- Mark Dozier

Working with Critical Path Solutions, you will:

Feel more in control and prepared when difficult times arise 

Have a plan to deal with potentially life-threating situations   

Have peace of mind and the ability to operate when bad things are happening 

Critical Path Solutions empowers our clients to prepare for, respond to, mitigate, and recover from any incident that disrupts normal operations and threatens life safety. 

Natural Incidents:

Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Manmade Incidents:

Accidental Explosions
Active Assailant
Cyber Attack
Hazardous Materials Spill
Mass Transportation Accidents


  • Pre-Incident

    Whether you’re preparing for an incident, conducting an after-action review of an incident or exercise, or looking to strengthen your current response, assessments can provide invaluable feedback and enhance your overall recovery.

  • Incident

    Our seasoned crisis management team will support crisis management operations to understand, define, establish clear crisis management objectives, and empower leaders to respond in a structured and unified manner.

  • Post-Incident

    The Critical Path Solutions team has years of experience writing complex AARs for multiple agencies across all levels of government.

Our Process


When you engage with Critical Path Solutions, we assign a project manager who will serve as the account representative and primary point of contact throughout the engagement. We then meet with you and your team to gain an understanding of your situation and needs to help us properly scope the project. 


To further understand the situation, threats, and risks facing your organization may be facing, we perform risk assessments and business impact analyses. This helps us develop a deeper understand of your needs and define targeted emergency preparedness and business continuity goals and objectives.  


Once we have defined threats and risks, we work with your team through preparedness workshops tailored to your organization to develop plans that capture the essence of emergency response. This is a critical step in ensuring business continuity, not only for the organization, but also for services and products, customers, and other stakeholders. As part of the process written plans are developed to capture these response and continuity strategies. 


Once the plans are developed, we will train and orient your team on the plans. The comprehensive plan includes concepts, strategies and approaches for response and continuity. We will then assemble crisis management exercises to simulate emergency and business disruption events. This provides your team an opportunity to execute emergency and continuity plans as well as to update the plans based on lessons learned. 

The Tool to
Keep You in Business

Our country has experienced extraordinary events over the past several years. How do we maintain normalcy and keep our businesses and organizations open? Critical Path Solutions specializes in the readiness of people and the protection of property and critical infrastructure before, during, and after an incident. Regardless of where you are on the Preparedness Cycle, we can help navigate the road ahead.

  • Maintaining strengths that your organization has already developed
  • Identifying areas for improvement and providing solutions that build resiliency

The four-step process (Assess, Analyze, Identify, and Execute) will result in tailored, comprehensive solutions based on your needs that will not only assist during an incident, but will also provide the tools to improve overall readiness, regardless of the circumstances.