About Us

The American flag hanging outside a government building.

Critical Path Solutions provides the tools and expertise to help your agency prepare for any crisis. With our proven track record, we ensure that your agency is equipped to handle any unexpected event, whether it's a manmade disaster, natural disaster, or a sudden change in leadership.

As a federal agency, it's crucial to maintain the ability to perform essential functions and provide vital services to the public, even in the face of crisis. With our help, your agency can be ready for any scenario, including improvised explosive devices, active shooters, chemical attacks, or the loss of a key executive. Trust us to help you be prepared for the inevitable.


Mission Essential Functions (MEFs) are the critical tasks or activities that must be performed in order to achieve an agency's mission.

MEFs are typically identified and prioritized based on their importance to the mission, their potential impact on operations, and the resources required to perform them.

They serve as the basis for planning, training, and decision-making to ensure that critical missions can be accomplished even under difficult circumstances.