Active Shooter Training for Churches

active shooter training for churches

Sadly, houses of worship are not immune to the rash of violence that has come to pervade our society. In fact, churches have – in many ways – become a target for gun violence. With 19 church shootings occurring over the past two decades in the U.S. – one of which ended with 26 lives lost…

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Developing a Fire Evacuation Plan

Fire evacuation plans for businesses and organizations

Emergency preparedness and emergency response plans can help protect your team and your business. Having a comprehensive fire evacuation plan in place can help you avoid serious and even fatal injuries should disaster strike. Working with a business disaster response and recovery expert can help ensure that your organization is prepared for every possible risk.…

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Emergency Response Plans for Natural Disasters

emergency response plan, disaster preparedness plan

Implementing emergency response plans for natural disasters can help organizations and groups of all types be ready, should the unthinkable strike. To ensure that your disaster preparedness plan addresses every significant threat your organization faces, consider the importance of a detailed threat analysis. Critical Path Solutions helps organizations prepare for worst-case scenarios. We assist you…

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Active Shooter Training for Schools: Critical Do’s and Don’ts

Active shooter training for schools

To be truly effective, active shooter training for schools requires several critical elements, primary among which is an evidence-based threat assessment upon which exercises and training must be based. Two other elements that are critical to successful training are ethics and empathy. Without these elements, teachers and students may not grasp or accept the life-saving…

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Does Your Business Have an Emergency Action Plan?

Emergency preparedness & Disaster preparedness solutions

An emergency action plan, or EAP, helps ensure that your business can handle almost any type of disaster that could strike. Not only will an EAP mean that you are as prepared as possible, but implementing a plan provides a variety of other advantages. Evaluating your business in preparation for drafting an EAP will expose…

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Active Shooter Training Is Becoming a Critical Employee Benefit

If your business does not yet provide active shooter training for your employees, it is time to seriously consider incorporating preparedness instruction as a part of your overall benefits package. Americans have come to the harsh realization that mass workplace shootings can literally happen anywhere, at any time. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety…

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