Blackout Preparedness Planning

Does your municipality have a blackout preparedness plan? Blackouts can happen for a number of reasons, most often natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, windstorms, ice storms, blizzards, etc. But they can happen for other reasons too. The grid could go down as it has in Texas and California, or the U.S. could be the victim of a terrorist attack. Critical Path Solutions wants you and your city or town to have an emergency response plan in the event of a blackout.

The United States and many other countries worldwide have become extremely dependent on electricity. It certainly is convenient, and for the most part has been reliable. But just because you always have been able to count on something does not mean you always will be. And that is why we specialize in disaster preparedness training — to ensure our clients are ready for whatever emergency that they need to face.

Blackout Safety & Health Care

The greatest danger from a power failure comes from people dying because they cannot get the health care they need. Whether that is surgery, dialysis, oxygen or some other lifesaving measure, a blackout could render this equipment and services useless. It is true that most U.S. hospitals have backup generators, but no one knows how long they would last in an extended blackout.

Depending on when the blackout occurs, lives are further in danger from not having access to heat and air conditioning. The former was proven when more than 100 people died recently during a cold spell in Texas. If Texans had been given access to blackout safety training, lives might have been saved.

Blackout Training to Prevent Crime

Blackouts also create ripe conditions for crime. In a blackout, crimes are much more easily committed under cover of darkness. Whether these crimes are looting, burglary, theft, assault, rape or even murder, a blackout makes it much harder to stop, identify or find perpetrators.

As disaster preparedness consultants, we teach municipalities and others how to create emergency plans in the event of a blackout. Among the advice we give is to always have an emergency kit on hand containing important items such as water and nonperishable foods, a flashlight and batteries, and other similar tools and supplies.

In a blackout situation, keeping order will become a job that is too big for the police force. Your city or town will need help, and providing blackout training to volunteer citizens in your community ahead of time means you will be able to count on their help if disaster should strike. Organization is a key component of every disaster preparedness plan.

Critical Path Solutions Disaster Preparedness Consultants

Whether you operate a facility, you are an elected official, a U.S. government employee or you hold another position of authority to which people look for help in an emergency, count on the emergency training our team provides.

We help you create an emergency preparedness plan for blackouts, hurricanes, tornadoes and all types of natural disaster as well as terrorist threats. Be ready. Call us today.