Hurricane Preparedness Planning

Many catastrophic hurricanes have hit the U.S. causing loss of life, million of dollars in damage and widespread destruction and power outages. Although the Federal Emergency Management Agency and its counterpart in each state exist to come to the rescue of those affected by hurricanes and other disasters, we have seen these agencies struggle with this job over the years. Critical Path Solutions can help your municipality or other body create a realistic and invaluable hurricane preparedness plan that will allow citizens to function optimally during an emergency.

At Critical Path Solutions, we believe a great deal can be learned by looking at past events and past mistakes. With proper disaster preparedness, hurricanes do not have to do the catastrophic and lasting damage that they have done here in the U.S.

Planning for Emergencies

Emergency preparedness plans for hurricanes differ somewhat from other types of disaster planning. The reason is because the plans should differ markedly depending on the area. For instance, one of the reasons Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans is because of the structure of the city and the inadequacy of the levees. Hurricane Sandy killed 44 people in New York and did $70 billion worth of damage because the Manhattan seawall was unable to protect the city from the storm surge.

Granted, these storms were unusual. Sandy in particular was a perfect storm of rising wind speed, a full moon and high tide, turning it into a monster. But it is the job of disaster preparedness experts to weigh the possibilities and predict the risk of not burying more power lines to avoid blackouts and building stronger seawalls to keep the raging ocean out of the city.

Disaster Preparedness Consultants

At Critical Path Solutions, we are well-versed in educating municipalities about their risks from hurricanes. In our hurricane training courses, we teach you where your weak spots are and how vulnerable your area is to the forces of a hurricane.

We encourage individuals who live in hurricane-prone areas to make emergency preparedness plans as well. Those who live very near the ocean in areas such as the Outer Banks and Key West are always advised to evacuate when a major hurricane is predicted. Preparedness is important, but some forces simply cannot be stopped.

Those who live further inland should prepare by boarding up large windows, bringing in objects that could blow away such as lawn furniture and toys, and stocking up on supplies such as clean water, nonperishable foods, matches, batteries and other essentials.

Natural Disaster Action Plans

Our disaster preparedness experts are highly trained in readying any area or group for all types of emergencies, including hurricanes, tornadoes, windstorms, fires and other natural disasters. Moreover, we train groups, agencies and others in preparing for emergencies such as terrorist threats and active shooters.

It’s never too early to plan, and you can never be too prepared.

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